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The Napoleonic Era

The Napoleon Era

The Napoleonic Era

Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of France

Napoleon's Problems

Britain was too strong because they got allies to beat France. Eventually they beat Napoleon at Trafalgar, and Napoleon gave up the idea of invading Britain. French troops were intercepted by Horatio Lord Nelson at Trafalgar.

Spain and Germany fought back. Spain used guerilla tactics. Napoleon lost 300,000 men. Napoleon had put his brother on the throne of Spain, and had made changes in the religion. The Spanish didn't like it, and when the French brutally tried to crush the rebellions, the Spanish got even madder.

Napoleon invaded Russia in 1812. (Invaded June of 1812 - Borodino) During September of 1812, Napoleon arrived at the onset of one of the worst winters in Russian history. This was a disaster. Of the 614,000 men who went, only 40,000 came back. The temperature got to -30--o on the way back.

Europe got an alliance and beat him. Napoleon was exiled to Elba (off Italy). Louis XVIII took over. He was the brother of Louis XVI.

On March 1, 1815, Napoleon escaped and came back. Napoleon entered Paris on March 20, 1815 to cheering crowds. "The Hundred Days"

Napoleon fought the British and Prussians at Waterloo in June 1815. He was beaten badly and sent to St. Helena (1,000 miles from the coast of S. Africa). Napoleon died six years later.

St. Bernard and Devil
Saint Bernard presumed to teach the Devil himself.
Ask Mr. Sedivy about Napoleon's self-comparison and this irony.

Results on Europe of the Napoleonic Era

His conquest spread ideals and reforms of the French Revolution - ideas of freedom and equality.

As a "Reaction" to Napoleon, ideas of Nationalism grew, many to create independent nations.

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The French Revolution
1. The Old Regime and the Estates General

2. Tennis Court Oath / Storming of the Bastille

3. The Reign of Terror and the Guillotine

The Napoleonic Era
4. The Life of Napoleon Bonaparte

5. Napoleon's Problems /
Results on Europe of the Napoleonic Era

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